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Cameron Nowzari

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Cameron Nowzari's research interests are in the broad area of dynamics, controls, and robotics. More specifically, he is interested in the analysis and control of complex distributed and/or networked systems and spreading processes. A good example is to imagine a single human operator trying to control a swarm of 1000 robots. It is impossible for the human to send individual commands to each robot, but rather the human should send a high level command to the entire swarm. It is then up to the individual robots in the swarm to determine how to locally move within the swarm to ensure completion of the global task.

A large motivation for the specific challenges he is interested in include minimizing energy or wireless communication, efficient computation of control strategies or decisions, and the use of sparse sensing and/or control. His work has applications in a wide number of other areas including mobile sensors, autonomous robots, resource allocation, public health and epidemiology, network protection, marketing, the Internet of Things, and cyber-physical systems.


PhD , Engineering Sciences, University of California, San Diego (2013)

MS, Engineering Sciences, University of California, Santa Barbara (2010)

BS, Mechanical Engineering, University of California, Santa Barbara (2009)

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Faculty Rank: Assistant Professor

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